My First Post – Introducing Myself.

Let me introduce myself.  I am a fifth generation Jewish American, in fact, 5th generation Seattlite – on my mother’s side.  I am married and have four wonderful children.  I retired from my law practice in March and have undertaken to write a book about my in-laws experience during WWII.

Why, you might ask? – Fair question.

Well, growing up in Seattle, I learned about the Holocaust, but from a distance – I did not know anyone who survived.  Then I met, fell in love and married a man whose parents were both sole survivors of their families.  My mother-in-law, Esther (Vishnui) Goldberg (A”H) is from Stock, Poland.  She survived the war by hiding in the woods – in the shadow of the death camp Treblinka.   My father-in-law, Sam Goldberg (A”H), was born in Bagatelles, Poland.  After many trying adventures, he ended up not in the shadow of Treblinka, but actually in the camp itself.   He was one of 60 that survived.

My in-laws met on August 3, 1943, the day after the uprising in Treblinka when my father-in-law miraculously escaped.  He ran into the woods and it was there that he met my mother-in-law.  She saved him by convincing a Polish women to hide him for three days while the Nazis and Ukranians scoured the area for the escaped prisoners.  They spent the rest of the war together, hiding in the woods.

I have been studying and thinking about this story for 30 years.  I believe that the world is missing something without this story being publicly told. I will tell it.

I am reading and re-reading books related to World War II, the Holocaust, and Treblinka.  I am continually astounded.  I am writing this blog as a way to share some of my research and to help me organize my own thoughts about the events that took place between 1933 and 1945 and especially what happened to Esther and Sam.

Come with me on this journey.   You won’t be sorry.


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