Janina Golebiewska, the daughter of Halena and Aleksander Stys, left this world on Saturday.  She was buried in the Stoczek cemetery today at 10 AM.   She was 90 years old.

When I heard this news I had two overwhelming feelings:  (1) I am so sorry that she died before Yad Vashem was able to bestow the title of Righteous Among the Nations on her;  and (2) I am so glad that we met Janina in June and had the chance to thank her for all she and her family did for Esther and Sam.

We sang the song, that Shlomo wrote to honor the Stys family, to her.   In turn she sang a song to us about the beauty of people living together on this earth.    When the world abandoned the Jews, she was a friend, especially to Esther.  They talked, they cooked, they shared ideas and stories, they laughed.  Janina was with Esther in her moments of deepest  sorrows and rejoiced with her when the war was over and she and Sam married.

Now she rests in the beautiful Christian cemetery, next to her parents, her Uncles and Aunts.  Her life and love should inspire us all to be just a little better than we thought we could be.

Janina – goodbye.  Thank you for all you did for Esther and Sam.  I am forever grateful.  I never would have met and married the man of my dreams – Shlomo Goldberg.  He would not be in this world and our four children would never have taken their first breath.

I will always remember you.     Karen




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