Uri Kaufthal of New York City, is the father of my friend and neighbor, Jon Kaufthal.  He visits Seattle periodically and on his most recent visit we discussed my research, the book, and this blog.  He told me that he is involved with Father Patrick Desbois, author of The Holocaust By Bullets.   Excitedly, he told me that he would be going with Father Desbois to the Ukraine in November to locate mass graves and interview people who witnessed the killings.  The picture above, shows Uri in the center in the blue jacket, surrounded by the team that went to Ukraine.

To refresh your memory on the important and meaningful work that Father Desbois is doing, here is a link to my blog post:


Uri took notes each day on his trip and gave me permission to share his experience with all of you.  Click here to read his notes and see pictures of the people he interviewed.


Here is a video of Uri in a car driving through the Ukraine:


Thank you to Uri, Father Desbois and his whole team for this most important work that you are doing.











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